Dino Activity Booklet & Trail


Pick up one of our Dino activity booklets this summer and you can enjoy ...
- reading amazing facts about dinosaurs
- complete some puzzles and colouring
- find the hidden toy dinosaurs in 10 of our stores & restaurants, complete the trail map and you'll be entered into our prize draw and could win a 6 month family pass to Bristol Zoo


As you know, we’ve teamed up with Bristol Zoo in support of its terror-ific Summer-long “Dinomania” campaign and are sponsoring the climbable Pachyrhinosaurus.

In celebration of this, we’ve hidden toy dinosaurs in 10 of our stores & restaurants for you to find this holiday. So, as you, your family and friends shop around Clarks Village, pick up a dino activity booklet, look out for our scaly friends and fill in the trail map to be in with a chance of winning a Bristol Zoo family pass (valid for as many visits as you can squeeze in before 30 March 2018).

To get you into the pre-historic period, we’ve come up with our favourite ten dinosaur facts…

  1. The word “dinosaur” comes from Greek. This means: TERRIBLE LIZARD
  2. Clarks Village is sponsoring the Pachyrhinosaurus; pronounced pach-y-rhino-saur-us; at Bristol Zoo this Summer. Translated, this means: THICK-NOSED LIZARD
  3. The dinosaur population was at its highest from 250 million years ago until around 65 million years ago. This is known as the Mesozoic Era, but is often referred to as: THE AGE OF THE DINOSAURS
  4. At present, there are lots and lots of different types of dinosaurs that we know about (with even more to be uncovered). In total, there have been MORE THAN 1,000 species recorded on file!
  5. The first dinosaurwas only formally named in 1824. He was named a MEGALOSAURUS (pronounced: Me-ga-lo-saur-us)
  6. Did you know that some types of dinosaurs descended from birds? These are called: THEROPODS
  7. Compsognathus (a chicken-sized dinosaur) was one of the fastest dinosaurs of its time! It’s fastest recorded speed was: 64KPH or 40MPH – faster than an Olympic sprinter!
  8. Dinosaurs that eat leaves are called herbivores. Meat eaters have another name, we call them:
  9. Did you know there is a real profession for a person who studies dinosaurs? They are called: PALEONTOLOGISTS (pronounced: pa-le-on-tol-o-gists)
  10. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA has the most expensive fossil in the world, paying $8,362,000. The skeleton is of a dinosaur called “Sue” and is a T-REX!

PS, Don’t forget our Dino trail will run from 17 July 2017 until 3 September 2017. The Clarks Village Management Team will draw the winners after this date.

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